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Medical Informatics Preceptorship

Start date: June 2017
1 year program
Qualifications to submit resume: Must be a clinician (MD, PA, NP) with Academic informatics knowledge.

Northwell Health’s Applied Medical Informatics Preceptorship is designed for clinical professionals who have completed a traditional Biomedical Informatics programs and seek the practical skills and experience needed for success in the world of applied Medical Informatics.  During the course of the program, the individual will rotate through a variety of clinical informatics areas in of one of the largest integrated delivery networks in the US. See more about our Information Technology and Informatics Department. 

Program Requirements:

During each rotation, individuals will have specific required duties and activities related to the area through which they are rotating.Ideally, the individual will have responsibility for a specific project during each of the core rotations. In addition, individuals are strongly encouraged to design a year-long project which will lead to academic publication at the conclusion of the perceptorship.

Program Structure:

Core Rotations:

Individuals will rotate through the following core rotation areas in the first 40 weeks.  Each core rotation will be 4-10 weeks in length.

  • Inpatient / ED - Health System
    • MD/PA/NP Track
  • Outpatient EMR Deployment & Optimization
  • Interoperability and Informatics Architecture
  • Population Health
  • Reporting/Analytics/BI - Business Intelligence
  • Inpatient EMR/CPOE Deployment & Optimization - Hospital


Elective Rotations:

Individuals will select from the following elective rotations for the remainder of their experience.  Elective rotations will range from 1-3 weeks in length depending on the interests and overall program progress.

  • Ancillary Systems (Lab/Rad)
  • Another Hospital Site
  • Medication Management/Pharmacy Information Systems
  • Project Management - for long term*
  • Quality Informatics & Evidence Based Medicine
  • Research Informatics


Department Head:

The program will be overseen by Michael Oppenheim, MD, Vice President and Chief Medical Information Officer of Northwell Health and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Hofstra Northwell Health School of Medicine.Dr. Oppenheim has more that 15 years experience with electronic health record deployments, clinical decision support, quality informatics, and aligning strategy with technology deployments.

Program Director:

Andy Schachter is the Director of Clinical Information Systems for the Medical Informatics team and also an experienced Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant by trade.Andy has worked with Northwell Health for 7 years and continues providing medical expertise and support to implementations of Electronic Medical Records throughout our hospitals.In addition to EHR deployments, Andy and his team work with clinical departments to support TeleHealth initiatives, Clinical Decision Support tools, and research that has resulted in publications with our Internal Medicine colleagues.In conjunction with the Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, Andy’s team has the opportunity to expose and educate Medical students in the world of Medical Informatics and continue to support the growth of the field itself.


The preceptorship allows 3 weeks of vacation which may be taken as one large block between rotations or as single-week durations during the course of the rotations with at least 2 weeks’ notice to both the program director and rotation lead.

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